The Aeroclub at Ineu was started in 2015 by a group of local aviation enthusiasts and motivated pilots.
Our aim is to make flying affordable for everybody and to build up activity with a group of motivated pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
In the aeroclub we want to give our members the chance to conduct all kind of airsports, either with their own or the club’s airplane and gliders.

The idea
The idea is to keep the hurdle to perform airsports very low.
In a club, each member is taking profit from his and other members efforts.
As all the operation is 100% done voluntary by club members, the costs for flying are minimized.

How does it work?
First of all, everybody is welcome to join the club!
No matter if you fly airplanes, gliders, motorgliders, ultralights, paraglider, parachutes, balloons, RC-models or if you even just like to support airsports, we want to give you a home at Ineu.

Members can use the fleet of the club after a checkout with one of our instructors or are welcome to place their own glider or aircraft at the airfield.
Flying at Ineu is possible every day, of course depending on the availability of e.g. a towpilot. It’s also no problem to take e.g. a club glider for a private holiday or a competition. Our aim is to give everybody the possibility to do the flying he wants to do!
The fees for membership and flying, together with sponsorship, will be used to cover the cost to operate the fleet. Beside the flying, each member is asked to contribute at club work to maintain the fleet, the airfield and infrastructure. The flying rates will be reduced related to the working hours, some gliders can even be flown for free! Like this everybody can fly good gliders, motorglider or airplanes without the need to buy one on their own and at a much lower price.

Do you like to become a member?
Just contact us to get more information or come out to the airfield and fly with us!

We are looking forward to see you!