Airspace use plan

Before we are going deeper into local airspace, some information about the airspace usage.
An “Airspace Use Plan” is published by Romanian ATC for an easy overview over active airspaces.

Our wide playground

Our playground for gliding covers all Romania, Hungary and, for adventurous pilots, also Slovakia.
For obvious reasons flights into Ukrainian airspace are forbidden.
We also do not recommend to use Serbian airspace as they are not member of EU/Schengen.
Further we will explain you the airspace situation around our airfield.

Oradea CTR – our local playground

Our airfield is located within Oradea CTR (GND-FL55), controlled by Oradea Tower.
The communication (in english or romanian) with the tower is obligatory.
The controller will issue the clearances within this airspace on your request.
The most common way is to leave the CTR either to the north/north-east or to the south-east towards the mountains.

Sate Mare / Baia Mare CTR and Anti-Hail Rocket Areas

Satu Mare CTR and Baia Mare CTR (inside the red lines, GND-FL55), north of Ineu, are controlled by tower.
You will need to request an entry clearance before entering their airspace.
The anti-hail rocket areas (blue circles, GND-FL255) are only activated by NOTAM. You can ask FIS or the TWR about their status.

Napoc TMA

The Napoc TMA (green lines), east of Ineu, is the compromised airspace of Cluj-Napoca, Tg. Mures and Sibiu airport.
Within the TMA there is also the military airspace of Campia Turzii NATO Base and anti-hail rocket areas (blue lines).
A clearance for Napoc TMA will be issued by Napoc Approach under radar surveillance.
Most of the lower limits of the TMA won’t allow underflying it with a glider.
Only in the most southern sector (TMA 7, FL100-FL175) south of Sibiu could be underflown.

Arad TMA

Arad TMA (green lines), south of Ineu, is the compromised airspace of Timisoara and Arad airport.
As for Napoc TMA you will need to receive a clearance for this airspace from Arad Approach.
The most easter sector (TMA 4, FL65-FL175) could be underflown with a glider.


All the airspaces mentioned above are linked with airways which are Class C airspace for 5NM left/right of the track. Crossing these airspaces are coordinated between the Information and Radar.

So much airspace? – Where can I fly?

Yes, we have some airspace to consider in our area, but you can get a clearance for most of the them.
But also outside of the TMAs there is some playground for gliding within Romania.
The red lines on the map above just gives you an idea of the flights we’ve made outside the TMAs.