Our clubhouse is located right at the entrance to the airfield.
It has a kitchen, 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet, 2 bedrooms, briefing area and an office for airfield, club and flight school administration.

Hangar 1 – Airplane hangar

As the name says, the main hangar, or “airplane hangar” is hosting mainly airplanes and ultralights. One side is seperated and used by our local CAO.

Hangar 2 – Motorglider / IS-28 hangar

Our motorglider hangar is, at the moment, the home of the club SF 25C Falke or IS-28.

Hangar 3 – Club hangar

The club hangar will be the base for the club’s gliding activities. It has space for the club and some private gliders.

Fuel Station

As one of only a few places in Romania we have a fuel station. We are able to sell Avgas and Mogas.