Duo Discus
D-3860 – “WO”

About the Duo Discus:
“WO” joined the club fleet in September 2023 as part of a share deal with our friends from Gliding Transilvania. The Duo Discus is a really performant doubleseater, giving our members the chance to fly crosscountry or competitions and do some high level training in those with our experienced instructors. We are very proud to call such a beautiful glider a member of our fleet.
Crew: 1+1
Wingspan: 20 m
Max takeoff weight: 700 kg
Water ballast: 200 Liter
Glide ratio from 1000m: 45 km

IS-28 B2
D-5397 – “IB”

About the IS-28 B2:
Every Romanian glider pilot started to fly on the “B2”, that’s why most of them have a very special relation to this type of glider. For this reason we replaced our old Bergfalke in 2019 with the IS-28. The glider is capable for so many things. It has a decent performance for cross-country training, an easy handling for basic training and due to it’s strong structure it’s also good for light aerobatics. We use it for all of the above but mostly for local training and checkflights.
Crew: 1+1
Wingspan: 17 m
Max takeoff weight: 590 kg
G limits dual: +5.3 / -2.65
G limits acro: +6.5 / -4
Glide ratio from 1000m: 34 km

Std. Cirrus
D-0362 – “IC”

About the Standard Cirrus:
The Standard Cirrus was purchased in 2023 as a glider for joy and cross country flights. The glider has 3 configurations, 15m without winglets, 15m with winglets and 16m wing tip extensions for a better performance in climb and glide. It’s the perfect glider for our members to do some joy flying and to train crosscountry and improve their skills.
Crew: 1
Wingspan: 15 m / 16m
Max takeoff weight: 390 kg (with water ballast) or 330 kg (without water ballast)
Glide ratio from 1000m: 36 km / 38 km

Discus CS
D-???? – “ID”

About the Discus:
At the moment we are looking to purchase (preferably) a Discus CS again until 2024′ season. For this project we are still looking for sponsors! The Discus is a performant single seater. Due to its nice handling and capability to carry water ballast it’s the perfect glider for a club. In clubclass the Discus is pretty competitive as well, this will give our members the chance to compete also on international competitions.
Crew: 1
Wingspan: 15 m
Max takeoff weight: 525 kg
Water ballast: 180 Liter
Glide ratio from 1000m: 42 km

Ka 6 BR-Pe
D-3015 – “IE”

About the Ka6:
The Ka 6 is the oldie in our fleet, it was build in 1958. Her wooden structure is really light weight, which makes the Ka 6 a nice glider for thermalling. Performancewise she’s much better than most of you think, our members have already made flights of over 600km and 110km/h average speed. Just a great glider and a lot of fun to fly. A open canopy is in the planning – perfect for hot summer days.
Crew: 1
Wingspan: 15 m
Max takeoff weight: 300 kg
Glide ratio from 1000m: 32 km

SF 25C Falke

About the Falke:
Since 2023 we operate this SF25C Falke in our club for training and leisure flights. The Falke is a mixture between a glider an an airplane. It can cruise, with engine on, at about 150km/h and once the engine is turned off you can fly it like a glider.
Crew: 1+1
Wingspan: 15,30 m
Max takeoff weight: 650 kg
Glide ratio from 1000m: 28 km

Cruise Speed: 160 km/h
Powerplant: 80 hp – Limbach L 2000 EA

MS 894 A “Rallye Minerva”

About the Morane:
D-EAHL is our club airplane, mainly used for towing gliders and local flights to give people the impression of our beautiful sport. It was purchased 2019 as replacement of our weaker Rallye 180TS, which was not able to tow heavy gliders out of our gras airfield. With the MS 894 we are now able to tow nearly any kind of glider and to do passenger flights – a real workhorse for the club. Beside it’s capabilities the Morane is also a fun airplane to fly, all our pilots in the club like it a lot.
Crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 3
Wingspan: 9,61 m
Max takeoff weight: 1.100 kg
Powerplant: 220 hp (160 kW) Franklin 6A-350-C1

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