Local pilots
If you are a local pilot willing to fly at Ineu, the following information might not be 100% adressed to you.
If you like to fly gliders at Ineu, get in contact with us to join the aeroclub!
We are looking forward to every new member in our local flying community!

Guest pilots
If you like to spend your holiday at Ineu for some nice days of flying,
we have collected some basic information and frequently asked questions about gliding at Ineu and in Romania.

The area around Ineu is one of the nicest places to fly in Europe.
Changing landscapes, flatlands, mountains, forrest and lakes make each flight a great experience.
The conditions might not always be as good as in some other gliding hotspots,
but we can guarantee that you won’t regret coming to Romania for flying!

Before coming to Ineu
Before you start your trip to Ineu, please contact us.
We try to provide daily activity, but we are a small club and there is not always a towpilot available, so please give us a little time to organise.
The easiest way is to write us an e-mail or fill the guest pilot registration form, then we also have all data we need from you.
After receiving the form we will get in touch with you, if not, please get in touch with us.

Your way to Ineu
Ineu is located close to Oradea, not far from the Hungarian border. To locate us better please take a look on the map.
Towards the west we are about 30km from the next highway, towards the east there are only national roads until now. Don’t forget to pay the road tax for your car!

Runway usage
To use our runway, the facilities and the duties of our towplane, you will need to join our club, also as guest pilot.
But no worries, the membership fee is low, we want to keep flying affordable.

We have a limited number of beds available in our clubhouse. Beside that we have arranged a little campground for tents and caravans beside the clubhouse. We have two bathrooms with showers and toilet available and also a little kitchen in the clubroom.
There are a few other accomodation possibilities in the area, like hotels or appartments for rent. Consult us for more information and recommendations.

Gliders for rent
Guest pilots can fly our club gliders as member after a checkflight with one of our instructors!

A flightplan is required for all flights in Romania. We can assist you with filing the flightplan as well as activating and closing it by a call to Oradea Tower.

We are using only aerotow or selflaunch to get the gliders in the air. Our 220HP Morane gives you a safe and relieable lift into the thermals. As alternate towplane we will have a Piper Pawnee available soon. The grid position and launch direction will be discussed with the tow pilot each morning before gridding.

Find all about the airspace in our Airspace section. A airspace file is available in the Downloads section.

Aircraft operating in romanian airspace shall be equipped with an ELT or PLB and with an XPDR.
We also highly recommend the usage of a SPOT or similar device, this might be helpful also for outlandings without cell coverage.

Romania is not well landable in some areas. For this reason we are step by step setting up an outlanding database for your navigation device to make flying in all regions safe and relaxed. If you have to landout, please give us a call and remember to close your flightplan.

After landing beer
If you don’t stay on the airfield, better postpone your drink. Romania has a 0,0% policy.

Our guests pay the following prices:
Club membership:
Guest Membership 400 Ron (~80€) / year
For aerotow / selflaunch:
MS 894A / Pa25-235 – 20 Ron (~4€) / min
Selflaunch – free fo charge
For our gliders / airplanes:
Duo Discus – 150 RON (~30€) / h
IS-28 B2 – 90 RON (~18€) / h
Std. Cirrus – 75 RON (~15€) / h
Discus CS – 90 RON (~18€) / h
Ka 6 BR-Pe – 60 RON (~12€) / h
SF 25C Falke – 405 RON (~81€) / h
MS 894A – 1080 RON (~217€) / h
For accommodation:
Clubhouse – 50 RON (~10€) / night
Campground – 20 RON (~4€) / night

You will receive an invoice for your stay and you can transfer the amount to our club account once you are home.

Any other questions?
If there are any open questions, please get in touch with us!