To make gliding in Romania more safe, we started a project to establish a database of landable outlanding fields all over the country.
Some areas in Romania are rather difficult to land, many fields are narrow, the landscape is uneven and it’s hard to find a proper spot.
We want to set up a database for your navigation device to show you potential or prooven good landing spots in flight to make your flying more safe and relaxed.
So if you have landed on a good field, you know somebody else who landed there, you just had been passing it on the ground or have overflown it, please let us know!
We are kindly asking everybody you to send us (potential) landing spots.
We are looking forward to your reports! Thank you very much!
The database can be downloaded soon in the “Downloads” section!

Add a field to the database

You can also send us an e-mail to
Thank you very much!